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Demonicon – Xbox360

The Dark Eye: Demonicon Torrents Games XBOX360 tells the tale of both a brother and sister who become ensnared by dark magic and sinister forces in a harsh and unforgiving, cruel world. In a world as bleak and twisted as theirs, the love they have for each other is both their blessing and curse. While demonic forces whisper in their minds to try and sway them from a life of good, they must overcome these trials by fighting through hordes of creatures that bay for their blood whilst making a series of hard moral choices.

The destiny that this pair shares and the choices that they make will ultimately decide the fate of their continent and all those that dwell on it. The dark hordes of demons and fiends will try and block their path, but they have to battle onward with sword and magic in hand to try and break free of the darkness.

Demonicon Xbox360